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Welcome to Greatstory International, where we have been dedicated to serving and impacting communities for over 15 years. Join us in our mission to reach the unreached and make a real difference in the lives of thousands. Keep scrolling to learn more about our initiatives and how you can be a part of our inspiring journey.

At Greatstory International, we are more than just an NGO; we are a force of compassion, a beacon of hope, and a vessel of change. Our dedication to missions, particularly our “Just for Jesus Free Medical Outreach,” exemplifies our commitment to providing healthcare while spreading the gospel across the world.

Each year, we mobilize over 40 to 50 teams from the United States and Nigeria. Through these missions, we not only provide vital healthcare services but also disciple participants, nurture local churches, share the gospel, and offer care to those in need. Our teams specialize in outpatient primary care medicine, dentistry, and even surgical services.

Join Our Cause: Transforming Lives

We partner with organizations and individuals dedicated to ministering to unreached people groups in challenging areas worldwide. We extend our outreach to the Americas, where we combine open evangelism and discipleship, both in word and deed, to serve those in need.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a student, or someone with a heart to make a difference, we invite you to explore how you can use your skills and resources for the greater good. The Lord is calling you to serve Him, and your obedience will be a blessing.

For over 16 years, we have tirelessly pursued our mission. You can witness the impact through pictures and videos of our past outreaches. In December 2023, we are setting our sights on Orlu, a project estimated to reach over 10000 people. Your partnership makes this vision a reality.


Orlu Project

Orlu Free medical Outreach

Orlu (Igbo: Ọ̀lụ́) is the second largest city in South East, Imo State, Nigeria with a population of 420,600. It has a long history and played a critical role as the headquarters for the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) and humanitarian relief agencies during the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War. The Nigerian headquarters of the British Cheshire Home is in the city. It is the second most developed city after Owerri in Imo state. Orlu  is a community where lives will be transformed from December 11th-16th, 2023. Join us in prayer, in person, or by giving generously towards this noble cause.

Orlu Free medical outreach

Our free medical missions target rural communities in Orlu, Imo State. This includes the elderly, children, pregnant women, and those with pressing medical and surgical needs, especially the less fortunate.

By supporting our mission, you contribute to reducing morbidity and mortality rates in the state, capacity building for healthcare professionals, and the fulfillment of a cardinal program of the administration. Your involvement may also inspire others to make a positive impact. 

Our services

Obstetrics/gynecological surgeries

Our highly skilled medical teams offer compassionate care and perform surgeries to address Men and women’s health needs, ensuring the well-being of People in the communities we serve. 

Dental procedures

We provide essential dental procedures to improve oral health and overall well-being. Our dedicated dental teams offer services such as cleanings, extractions, and fillings, ensuring that individuals in underserved communities have access to quality dental care.

Eye surgeries

Our expert medical teams are dedicated to performing eye surgeries, including cataract extractions with intraocular lens implantation and other vision-enhancing procedures.

Free medications

Our teams offer general consultations and prescribe medications to address various medical conditions, ensuring that individuals receive the treatment they need to improve their health.

General consultation

Our compassionate healthcare professionals assess medical conditions, provide diagnoses, and offer guidance on necessary treatments. These consultations serve as a lifeline for individuals who may not have had access to healthcare otherwise.

Basic surgeries

Our dedicated medical teams perform basic surgeries with precision and care to address pressing healthcare needs. These surgeries can be life-saving and life-changing, restoring health and hope to those who require them.

Our organization is a collective of amazing people striving to make impact.

Partnering with Greatstory International allows you to be a part of meaningful, life-changing initiatives. Together, we are making a positive impact on the lives of those in need, providing essential healthcare, education, and spiritual support to underserved communities.

Take a peek inside our Impact in Ovim Last year

What people say?

I was operated on for free, and the fibroid I had for years has been removed. A big thank you to Greatstory.
Esther Nwaneri
I had an eye problem (cataracts) for 6 years; they operated on my eyes for free, and now, I can see clearly
Paul Onyeje

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