I want to thank you very much for Honouring me with this Award, and also to congratulate all of the other awardees who have clearly distinguished themselves and have helped so much in getting to where Our Society is. I want to say in particular that what this demonstrates very clearly, is that there is absolutely nothing that we cannot achieve as a people if we set our minds to it. I also think the entire staff, volunteers, and Board members of Greatstory also deserve a commendation and I would like to thank them, for the excellent things that they did in impacting Society.

Devoted To Serve The Society​

I want to say the next plan of action, is to continue to increase Our effort in Impacting Society and to be sacrificial and we are already beginning to see that unless we put in the sacrifice, and work hard and consistently, we might not be able to achieve the objectives we set for ourselves to Impact the Society. So just to say, again I thank the Association Of Nigerian Nurse, Imo State Chapter, For this Award and for all of their efforts that have gone into the Medical Field and to say as time pass by I will Personally involve a lot of doing and Working Together With Nurses. And I’m sure we’re going to be even more successful than we were before this Award came.

Thank you very much My name remains Sylva okorienta President of Greatstory International​

Speech Delivered By Pastor Ugochukwu Akazi​

Let’s Work Together​

I am going to be leading about 200 volunteers to Impact Ovim Community, Please Join me

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